Farenz Herbs Pure Virgin Coconut oil




Farenz Herbs Pure Virgin Coconut oil

FARENZ HERBZ Virgin coconut oil is pure unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil extracted from fresh coconut.

This is best for

  • Direct consumption
  • Cooking, Marinating, baking, frying, sauces
  • Taste enhancer in shakes, smoothies, salad dress


Store in cool dry place.

The product us liquid at >25°c and freeze below 25°c. This is natural characteristics due to its fatty acids. It is safe and healthy to use in either state. To liquify immerse in warm water

  • 100% Natural and
  • Cold pressed
  • Used for Cooking, dietry, skin & Hair
  • Unrefined
  • No transfat
Nutritional Information 
Nutrients / 100g* 
Energy (KCAL)900
Saturated Fat95
Mono Unsaturated Fat5
Poly unsaturated fat1
Capryclic c88
Capric c108
Lauric c-1248
Palmitic c-169
Stearic c-183
Myristic c-1419


  • Best before 24 months from the date of manufacture


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